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Recognized as a cultural landscape of outstanding universal value by UNESCO, Gavarnie is proud of its rich heritage. Come and meet the people who  work to maintain this wealth and who will be delighted to open their doors to you.


UNESCO World Heritage site

Gavarnie-Gèdre is in the Pyrénées Mont-Perdu national park, registered as a World Heritage site with UNESCO since 1997 for both its natural and cultural features - one of only twenty six places in the world to have this double recognition.


Pyrenees National Park

Established in 1967, the Pyrenees National Park works for the  harmonious development of our villages, with respect for the natural environment and the mountains but also for the lives of the people and the pastoral economy. It houses an  extremely rich, fragile and well-preserved flora and fauna.


Millaris museum

A modern space where you will discover the life of five typical characters of Gavarnie from the child to the mountain guide passing by the sheep farmer or the National Park ranger. Trace the memory of the village, an original way to approach Gavarnie, its wealth of landscapes, nature and culture.

Information and directions


The glacial cirques

 All as impressive as each other, the best known is Gavarnie, Troumouse is the largest, and Estaubé is the most unspoiled and wild - these are the real celebrities of the territory!

Information or call one of our guides to find out more


The hydroelectric power station

Thirty miles of tunnels through the mountains and a breathtaking complex of dams,  Pragnères is the largest hydroelectric power station in the Pyrenees. Find out about the history of the creation and the operation of this vast industrial monument.



Watermills of Gèdre

In the past the waterways of Gèdre powered over thirty  flour mills supplying bakeries around the region. Some have been restored and are worth visiting, found as they are in a beautiful setting, a place conducive to meditation and healing of body and mind.



Events and festivals

Join in all year round in the festivals and events at Gavarnie-Gèdre: traditional feast days, exhibitions, ski races and much more.

Diary of events


Héas, a place of history and spirituality

Where people have decided to live in harmony with nature and the seasons.

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  • Grands Sites de Midi-Pyrénées
  • Gavarnie-Gèdre
  • Région Midi-Pyrénées
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