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Ski touring

Ski touring pass

If you wan to start your tour from Pic des Tentes, situated at the top of the ski resort, you can purchase a ski touring pass which will allow you to use the chairlift.

Pass price : 8 € for one rise.


Authentic and wild days out on skis

Choose your route and leave your mark on the snow! Learn bout the snowpack, learn how to use anavalanche transceiver - these are the goals of these introductory days on a drop between 600and 800m between  Gavarnie, Marcadau and  Néouvielle.


To fully enjoy the pleasures of ski touring, you will need:

  • good physical condition
  • a downhill skiing technique allowing you to easily descend a red piste 


Proposed by several Guides de Haute Montagne (mountain guides).

Get in touch for their programmes of tours.

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  • Patrimoine mondial
  • Grands Sites de Midi-Pyrénées
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